Hard Floor Services

Make your floors easier to clean by keeping the topcoat maintained. The best way to accomplish this is to use a neutral floor cleaner for your daily cleaning. Using harsh cleaners such as bleach will slowly break down the topcoat and cause yellowing.


Services include:

Cleaning- Mechanical scrubbing to remove dirt embedded in the grain and finish.

Wax Removal - Removes wax buildup and store bought finishes such as Mop & Glow which collect dirt around the edges of the floor.

Screening & Refinishing - Removes lights scratches from wood surfaces and prepares floor for new finish to be applied.


Services include:

Stripping & Waxing - to completely remove all scratches, old wax buildup, ground in dirt and yellowed areas.

Maintenance - weekly cleaning services that include sweeping, mopping and polishing to preserve that mirror finish.